Muddy Mutleys

Dog Training & Behaviour Specialists

Little Steps (Fully vaccinated to 5 months – suitable for small/medium breeds only)

This course is such a lovely way to set your pup up for success in the big wide world. We work through everything from getting them used to being handled and being around other dogs, as well as introducing new smells, textures and sounds. 

We look at basic cues that will help them and you to feel confident and we learn about body language, puppy biting, toilet training, jumping up and much much more. 

This is a fully comprehensive course to give you the foundations you and your puppy need to set you off on the right paw and ready to confidently join our outdoor group training in the park on a Saturday.

Areas covered:

  • getting them used to different surfaces and textures
  • ways to get your puppy to accept a harness and lead
  • helping you to brush your pups teeth and getting them used to brushing
  • getting them ready for the groomer and vet
  • guiding them in play with other puppies
  • helping them to settle
  • puppy biting
  • toilet training
  • jumping up
  • body language

…and much much more!

The course also gives you access to your own facebook page where you can socialise with fellow course members, ask questions  and have access to resources during the week.

Please click on the Little Steps link to find out more and book this 6 week indoor course.