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Behaviour Modification

If you require more in-depth behaviour modification help, I can help with this too. Working in conjunction with your vet we can address issues such as separation distress, aggression, resource guarding. Due to my accreditations, the fees can be recouped from your insurers.

We look at the behaviour but more importantly the “why”. Understanding the triggers and why the animal feels the need to display this behaviour enables us to change the environment and give the dog alternative more suitable behaviours to rely on, making them feel better and more balanced in the meantime.

  • Dog to human suspicion / Reactivity
  • Dog to Dog Reactivity
  • Resource Aggression
  • Separation Distress
  • Compulsive disorders
  • Noise phobias

Programs include online home study resources, regular check-ins and a trainer in your pocket via Whatsapp. We will always look at your dog holistically from diet, development, medical and pain issues, routine, triggers and the environment, emotional learning and training.

Behaviour Modification

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