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Behaviour Modification

Are you having problems with your dog’s behaviour?

Are they displaying:

  • Dog to human suspicion / Reactivity?
  • Dog to Dog Reactivity?
  • Resource Aggression?
  • Separation Distress?
  • Compulsive disorders?
  • Noise phobias?

As an accredited behaviour consultant I can, working in conjunction with your vet, help you to understand and modify these behaviours via a range of holistic and fully comprehensive programs which incorporate bespoke training programs.

My accreditation also enables you to recoup all the fees, that you pay for the assessment and further sessions, through your insurers.

A behavioural assessment is an initial session where we look at discovering the whys and wherefores of the behaviour. Understanding the motivation and triggers for the behaviour allows for bespoke management and training protocols to be developed.

The initial assessment will also involve looking at your dog holistically and includes nutritional advice and a basic Dynamic Dog assessment to look at any possible pain issues that may be causing the behaviour. Where deemed necessary, veterinary interventions will be advised at this stage.

This assessment is time consuming and an important part of the process as, without a thorough and accurate understanding of the behaviour, any management and training protocols developed may actually be detrimental.

Once the assessment is complete, armed with all the information gathered, I will produce a fully comprehensive program for you and your dog.

Programs also include online home study resources, regular check-ins and a trainer in your pocket via Whatsapp.

Not sure which program is best for you or if you want to know more about the behaviour modification programs, please book your discovery call with Clare now.

Behaviour Modification