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Group Training

Our group training sessions provide a fantastic environment in which to teach your puppy, your teenager, your rescue, or your adult dog the life-skills he or she needs thrive in the world we live in.

No matter what their age or background, our classes are designed to help dogs excel in a domestic and in a real-life outdoor environment and all that those environments throw at us and at them.

We teach using the most up-to-date methods backed up by current research and science and also offer you the chance to earn The Kennel Club Good Citizen awards.

I believe that dog training is about coaching dogs and their family members to communicate with each other effectively and positively. This dialogue can begin from the moment you bring your puppy home at 8 weeks of age, and can be developed with dogs that perhaps haven’t had the best start in life. Lessons incorporate elements to give a holistic approach to training. We look at techniques to help to keep your dog fit, flexible and relaxed, and to develop core strength, stability and confidence.

Learning is very individual and here at Muddy Mutleys, we recognise that all species, human and canine, learn different things, at different speeds and are helped or hampered by different environments. Even in a group setting we will view and treat you and your dogs all as individuals, tailoring as much as possible your experience within the lesson to your individual requirements and those of your dog. Development and skills are very personal and not necessarily dictated by age or stage, training and behaviour is always a study of one.     

VENUE – All group training occurs in Bury Lodge Park, N9 9LA

Please note Clare does wear a mic during lessons to ensure that all participants gain the most from the class. If you or your dog is sensitive to this please let us know in advance.

If you require further information or are unsure of what you should book please contact us at

Group Training Classes