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Group Training


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Lessons are just over an hour each running from 11am - 5pm currently
Please note that currently lesson times may vary


31 Mar 2020

Best dog trainer/daycare in Enfield

Clare and the whole team at Muddy Mutleys are amazing and professional. Clare is brilliant and really knows dogs and loves them. She structures all sessions in a way that you are constantly learning, tailored to individual needs and stimulating for the dog. The lessons are always fun and enjoyable with great tips to take into the ‘real’ world. Clare is supported in the lessons by the rest of the Muddy Mutleys team and you’re often getting 1:1 training within the group. And sessions end with some fun on an agility course. Clare is always help with your individual challenges as well..

In these challenging times, Clare is now providing online video lessons so we can maintain training whilst isolated...

We have also used Muddy Mutleys for day care from time to time and Florence is always happy to go and is exhausted when she comes home!

Really can’t recommend them highly enough...

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Group training provides a fantastic environment in which to teach your dog the life-skills he or she needs to do well in the world we live in. Our classes are designed to help dogs excel in a domestic environment and we teach using the most up-to-date teaching methods backed up by current research and science. I believe that dog training is about coaching dogs and their family members to communicate with each other effectively and positively. This dialogue can begin from the moment you bring your puppy home at 8 weeks of age, and can be developed with dogs that perhaps haven't had the best start in life.

Lessons incorporate elements to give a holistic approach to training, We look at techniques to help to keep your dog fit, flexible and relaxed, developing core strength and stability and confidence and to give you techniques to help with lots of different behavioural aspects. Things such as dog yoga/calming postures, puppy gym and ground work, Tellington TTouch, scent work, tricks and fun agility are all incorporated throughout our courses. 

Allow over an hour for these classes for canine and human socialisation. Please bring your dog on a flat collar and preferably a well fitting Y (shape to the front) harness and a normal lead.  No extendable leads please. Please bring lots of tasty treats too!  Thank you. xx

Please keep your dog on a lead unless instructed otherwise.