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Group Training

Our group training sessions provide a fantastic environment in which to teach your puppy, your teenager, your rescue, or your adult dog the life-skills he or she needs thrive in the world we live in.

No matter what their age or background, our classes are designed to help dogs excel in a domestic and in a real-life outdoor environment and all that those environments throw at us and at them.

We teach using the most up-to-date methods backed up by current research and science.

I believe that dog training is about coaching dogs and their family members to communicate with each other effectively and positively. This dialogue can begin from the moment you bring your puppy home at 8 weeks of age, and can be developed with dogs that perhaps haven’t had the best start in life. Lessons incorporate elements to give a holistic approach to training. We look at techniques to help to keep your dog fit, flexible and relaxed, and to develop core strength, stability and confidence.

We have a range of techniques and activities to offer including Real Dog Yoga (canine calming techniques) puppy gym and ground work, Tellington TTouch, Scentwork, tricks and fun agility.

Equipment required for lessons

Please bring your dog on a flat collar and preferably a well-fitted Y (shape to the front) harness and a normal lead. No extendable leads please. Please bring lots of tasty treats too! Thank you. xx

Please keep your dog on a lead unless instructed otherwise.

Group Park lessons: What if it’s wet, snowy or what about covid?

Well, there is no need to worry. We can still continue to train your dog. If there is an ongoing problem with the weather or covid strikes again, we can jump online. It’s great to be able to offer online coaching too if training is going to be totally disrupted for a few weeks. It does actually have many advantages and compliments the face-to-face coaching perfectly.

So even though we will have loads of fun face to face in the park, we have this option to expand what we can offer and to be able to offer more, AND we will NEVER need to cancel a class.

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Group Training Classes

Graduate Testimonials

Cleo and Janet

“I have taken my 6 month old cockapoo to Muddy Mutleys classes for the last 8 weeks and it has been fantastic!
Claire is amazing, really makes you believe you can achieve great things with your dog. She has taught me and my dog all the basic training, which has given a solid foundation for my puppy to move up to next level of training. All the helpers are super helpful and encouraging. A huge thank you to all at Muddy Mutley, I now have an obedient dog, I could not have done it without you!”

Freddie and Kate

I enjoyed attending the puppy and intermediate training classes with my Cockapoo Freddie. We both learnt a lot and Freddie was always so excited to get to the class. Claire and the Muddy Mutleys team are very knowledgeable and friendly. The enclosed area within Bury Lodge Park is also an ideal location for the training. I would definitely recommend. We are now attending the agility classes which are a lot of fun and great for a high energy Cockapoo!”

Luna and Janice

I have been attending the training classes for the past few months with my dog Luna who can be nervous of other dogs and sometimes does not feel comfortable with other dogs nearby. Clare has been really helpful, trying to get Luna (and me!) out of our comfort zones and encouraging me to help Luna relax around other dogs. Luna loves the classes and has learnt a lot of techniques which have helped her overall behaviour. Even though the training classes are group classes, Clare or Juliet are always ready to provide 1:1 advice if they feel that it is appropriate. Clare is very knowledgeable and will customise training to specific issues mentioned during the classes. The classes are always fun and there is a friendly atmosphere. Now we have also started doing Canicross with Clare’s group on Sunday mornings and Luna totally loves it. Thanks Muddy Mutleys!

Janice x

Max, Toni and Stefan

We would like to award Muddy Mutleys five stars. A huge thanks to Clare and Juliet who gave us the confidence and training techniques to work with our little, but very noisy, rescue Max.

We thoroughly enjoyed the classes, they were great fun and the adjustments you made to allow Max to join in were hugely appreciated. Thanks also, Clare, for giving Max a chance in the beginning, we were turned away by one of the country’s biggest rehoming organisations as his behaviour was deemed too extreme (a decision made via a telephone call), but you weren’t fazed in the slightest.

Max has come on leaps and bounds, and in a proud parent moment we are thrilled to say that he was recently awarded “best rescue” in a dog show, not bad hey! Thanks again everyone.

Hudson and Matt

I have used Muddy Mutleys twice now and next puppy I will be doing the same. An equal amount of puppy and owner training in a friendly constructive environment. In a very short time you are given the tools and confidence to teach your puppy to develop and grow in a fun way. Whilst in a group, you are also given 1-2-1 time where they spot that during that exercise your puppy/owner might need a little bit of extra advice. This is always done in a positive way. Always available for questions and advice on any part of dog health and behavior it’s obvious that Clare and team know there stuff. Recommend this service to anyone interested. One final tip – the better the treats the better the reaction – my combo mix of puppy treats, cocktail sausages and cheese was always a winner.🙂

Julie and Monty

Clare, Andy, Juliet and all the team at Muddy Mutleys have helped us so much with our very energetic, loveable dog. The training classes, agility, Q&As and one-to-one advice has benefited him, me and the whole family so much. We continue to learn more insights and ways to enrich our dog’s life from the fabulous support of the team at Muddy Mutleys.

Bianca, Lukasz and Magda

“Muddy Mutleys” and Clare were recommended to me by another dog trainer. We have two rescues, one of them with severe anxiety which could be mistaken for aggression. We started with individual sessions, after making progress we moved to group classes. It’s great to work with such a knowledgeable patient person who takes the time to get to know what the individual dog needs and uses scientific methods to better them. Clare has helped our dogs’ anxiety massively, we have had trouble in the misunderstanding of our dogs condition which Clare took the time to investigate and is in contact with our vet on a regular basis.
During the group classes our dog was kept to the edge of the class, Clare kept an eye on this and gradually she was able to move closer to the other dogs.
I am really happy with the outcome of this training and it is really great to see such passionate trainers running a family business together”.

Gnasher and Pippa

As first-time puppy parents we knew we had a lot to learn and Claire and Juliet helped us with kindness and endless good humour. We now have a pretty easy going hound who is a pleasure to have as a member of our family (mostly!). It didn’t happen overnight and he is still a work in progress but we have the tools and doggy knowledge to help him improve. We will be forever grateful that we found Muddy Mutleys.

Milo, Sophie and Regine

I wanted to thank you for some great courses from Beginners to Advanced.
Clare is knowledgeable not only at training us and our dogs but also at providing excellent advice during Q&A times.
Everyone in the team makes each class fun, they are full of energy, kind and informative😊. Milo and my daughter, Sophie, looked forward to their weekly time together ❤️ and it gave us all a strong foundation for our first dog and I highly recommend them to others.

Benita and Bonnie

We really enjoyed our sessions with Bonnie at Muddey Mutleys with Claire and Juliet. While the class size was small we also benefitted from 1-1 attention which Bonnie really needed. Lots of reinforecement helped with the training. A very friendly atmosphere, thank you so much.

Toby and Alicia

My rescue dog Toby arrived from Cyprus between lockdowns. He was around 3 years old, had spent his whole life outdoors with no previous training, and I was a first time owner… was such a relief to meet Clare and the Muddy Muttleys team! I have learnt so much – the classes are really enjoyable and it is a very bonding activity to do with your dog. The emphasis is on understanding and motivating dogs through positive reinforcement. It is as much about training the owners as well the dogs!
Every week I come away with something new – it might be a new twist on a game, a bit of dog psychology or ideas for applying the training to specific situations (such as chasing motorcycles!).

I really like the way Clare adapts the class to individual dogs, and addresses any issues that have come up during the week. I also like the fact that classes are set up as rolling programme, so it easy to join and to book in your 8 week blocks. It’s well worth repeating too – we have done the intermediate and advanced courses at least twice! Toby absolutely loves coming to class – he is always desperate to get in and is happily exhausted afterwards.

There are also lots of add on extra bonuses available – from brilliant long lines designed by Juliet, agility, confidence walks and Canicross (which I also thoroughly recommend!). We will be continuing with classes and Canicross for a long time to come – thank you!

Loki and Jacqui

Going to Muddy Mutleys puppy classes was a fantastic experience for me and my 16 week old miniature Yorkshire terrier. Having never had a puppy before, I really felt I needed help.
The sessions were very professionally run but also very relaxed and friendly.
Loki was so tiny and I was worried about the interaction with other dogs but it was brilliant. It’s given her so much confidence and she is really good at meeting all sorts of dogs now when I take her to the park.
Loki is now 8 months old and I am looking at signing us up for some intermediate training.

Milo and Linda

Clare is an encyclopedia of dog knowledge which she is pleased to pass onto you. We learnt so much and will continue to put it into practice. Thank you all at Muddy Mutleys, you are a great team. Glad we found you.

Kate and Nubi

We brought our little one along to the Saturday classes and found them so useful! We learnt so much and saw real changes in our puppy’s behaviour. The classes are really fun and friendly and we highly recommend them for anyone with a new pup 😊

Ted and Laura

As a first-time dog owner, I was keen to get as much help and advice as possible and we were recommended to Muddy Mutleys. Clare and her amazing gang have taught my pup and myself so much and I gained more confidence with Ted and above all we had fun too.
And it doesn’t end here, Ted and I will be returning for more courses in the future.

Harry and Saskia

Harry is a rescue and Clare was so in tune with his specific issues.

From a scared pup, Harry has grown in confidence and so have I.

Bear and Kayla

Myself and our 4 month old chocolate Labrador Bear joined Clare and the team at Muddy Mutleys having been highly recommended to seek their help from a local dog walking friend. We were not disappointed. Not only does Clare and the team really know their stuff but they made us feel very welcome and comfortable. Bear began his journey with Muddy Mutleys as the naughtiness little pup in the class but soon became an impressive, obedient and very well trained dog. I think we graduated with honours after our 8 week course and I couldn’t recommend them enough and have been since we left. Clare, Juliet, Andy, Michael and Tom were amazing and I couldn’t take Bear off the lead up at Whitewebbs without their help. Thank you so much. Kaya & Bear

Yaya and Ola

We had a great experience at Muddy Mutley’s puppy classes. First of all, it’s a brilliant way to socialise a young dog even though that’s not the main purpose. I observed my pup coming out of his shell and gaining confidence week on week. The puppy classes are a very good starting point for basic obedience training – lots of good tips, exercises and take home knowledge. My dog absolutely loved “going to school” and came back home exhausted and happy every time. The trainers are attentive and give words of encouragement and individual attention where needed – that was just as important if not more important than the dog training itself. I often left the classes feeling motivated to do more and confident that with work there will come progress. Highly recommend attending the course – tons of puppy joy and such pride of each small doggy success!

Tess and Asha

Asha and I are now on our 3rd training course with Muddy Mutleys – we keep coming back for more! Asha is a very excitable young dog, overly sociable and very easily distracted. These classes have been so good for her, she’s still as bouncy and playful as ever – and definitely keeps me on my toes at all times! – but I’ve seen huge progress in the last few months.

She’s learning to be around other dogs without madly wanting to play with them all and is more focused on me. Clare’s classes are as much about training the owner as training the dog, and I’ve learnt so many skills and tips for handling her too. The training is purely about positive reinforcement and understanding your dog, and the atmosphere is super supportive and a lot of fun!

I’ve also just started doing canicross with the Muddy Mutley’s group and both of us are loving it. It’s pretty tiring of course, but it has got me back into running and I’ve rarely seen Asha so focused as when she’s chasing the runner in front and conveniently pulling me up the hills!

Lily and Janice

We really enjoyed the classes and even though it was a cold winter we were kept warm by the full training session organised by Clare. Lily, our Cocker Spaniel, loved socialising especially with Juliet and being challenged to learn new things. We look forward to the agility classes when she is old enough.

Lauren and Waffle

I would highly recommend Claire and her team at Muddy Mutleys for puppy training. Being a first time puppy mum the classes gave me lots of confidence, encouragement & reassurance in how I was dealing with a new, four legged member of our family! My Cavapoo Waffle got a lot out of these classes and I have been able to use all the techniques taught on a daily basis out and about.
Thanks again for all your support.
Lauren & Waffle

Anne and Bonnie

I enrolled Bonnie, my puppy Tibetan terrier, with little hope of her behaving herself. I was wrong as after a few weeks she was walking well on her lead and her recall was very good for her age. Although I have had dogs all my life, I needed the training I received at Mutleys to give me the confidence to encourage Bonnie to become a good family pet.

Dibble and Abby

Clare and the team have helped us to navigate the early months of puppy ownership. Dibble had his first puppy class at 11 weeks and since then the team have been a huge support, in and out of classes. Classes are welcoming, with lots of opportunity to ask questions and tackle any key concerns. We are looking forward to joining the intermediate lessons in the future.