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A truly fulfilling experience for human and dog partnerships, increasing fitness and bond together.

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Great for building confidence in rescue dogs and new associations for those with on-lead aggression.
increasing fitness for Agility

We are fully certified Canicross trainers with

As a youngster I was a keen Cross Country runner, making it to the Nationals when I was 14... then life happened... years later I have found the enthusiasm for running again and have been gradually building up my fitness.  I thank my Dog for getting me back to a healthier lifestyle.  Canicross is a combination of both of my passions, the name coming from the two words Canine and Cross Country.

It was first introduced to the UK in 2000. Since the sport was first launched, the activity has seen thousands of dog enthusiasts taking to the great outdoors to participate.
It is a brand new way to become healthier and fitter together and is another opportunity to spend time bonding with your dog and to make new friends along the way.

To take part in Canicross you do not need experience in running, as a group we will start off doing interval training and gradually building this into a run. 
Everyone is welcome no matter what your fitness level and you will notice improvements pretty quickly.

What is Canicross? ......
It's cross country with your canine - teaming up with your best friend and doing what they adore, running!
You will never find another running partner who gives you more motivation than your dog. Any breed of dog can participate in Canicross. All dogs love to run and tapping into their natural instinct means Canicross requires very little training.

Benefits of Canicross
Not only will you foster a stronger bond with your dog there are several other benefits, altering on several levels for both you and your dog, including:
Improved health and fitness = Builds stamina, strength and endurance.
  • More energy = Better nights sleep.
  • Slows the aging process = Live longer. (Did you know a lean dog lives, on average, up to two years longer than an overweight dog).
  • Healthy appetite = Healthier Dog.
  • More responsive with commands and other training = Well behaved.
  • Less aggressive due to socialising with other dogs = Less stress for you and your dog!
  • Less destructive as Canicross relieves boredom = House remains in tact
For health benefits, you should aim for 30 minutes exercise five times a week where your heart rate is increased. Please note: depending on your dogs breed some may require more. Canicross can help you achieve a healthier dog, and why not get the whole family involved; children, parents and grandparents.

Locations of Canicross
You and your dog will have an enjoyable run as all routes are pre-planned by our trial-runners on well-defined tracks. 

For your safety, take advice on a pair of running shoes with good traction and support. The human participant wears a waist belt that attaches via a bungee line to the dogs harness.  These will be supplied and available to purchase from Muddy Mutleys.  

Whilst taking part in such challenges it is imperative that nutrition and hydration is adopted to safeguard your best friend.
Dogs must be over one year old to participate.