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Dynamic Dog Assessments

Do you feel there might be an underlying pain issue that is contributing to your dog’s behaviour? Or do you see your dog struggle to get up, get in the car, to toilet or to go upstairs? Whether your dog suffers from car sickness, grumpiness or aggression towards other dogs, guarding issues, stubbornness or other undesirable behaviours, there will be a reason. 

Pain is the name of the game!

It’s not always a limp or a whine! Pain related behaviour is extremely complex. Dogs don’t often show that they are in discomfort in ways we would usually expect, it is often subtle and goes unnoticed for weeks, months and even years!

In a recent study carried out in Lincoln University by Daniel Mills, it was found that approximately 80% of dogs that presented with behavioural issues had some form of undiagnosed pain that was a direct cause or adding to a problematic behaviour.

Unfortunately, when we go to the vet many dogs will freeze or not be in a position to show the vet what we see at home or at the park. Adrenaline masks pain and we know dogs are very stoic. 

As a fully qualified Dynamic Dog Practioner, I have been taught the skills to confidently spot potential signs of discomfort and will conduct a full and thorough analysis of your dog, drawn up with videos and photographic evidence for you to present to your vet so that they get a comprehensive picture of your dog inside and out to help them to give you and your furry pal the best help available.

You will also receive guidance on how to proceed with your dog in terms of routine, management, exercise, nutrition, enrichment and training to help with the behaviours you are seeing.

Assessments can be conducted remotely with thorough guidance from me or face to face in a secure training area. 

Not sure whether your dog will benefit from this? Book a discovery call with Clare to discuss your dogs problems and find out the benefits of an assessment.

Dynamic Dog Assessments