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Virtual Consultations

In this day of technological advancement and coronavirus there is no reason why consultations cannot be done within your home virtually. 

We are still able to have a face to face consultation, I can still observe your dog and be pointed in the direction of anything you wish me to see, there is very little difference in efficiency and the quality of the support I can give you.   

Zoom allows us to share videos and handouts, and to chat as if we were in the same room. We can even invite other members of the family in other locations to join us.  Zoom is a free application for you and you will be sent a private link to access the meeting on a laptop, desktop or ipad.  

Prior to consultations you will be invited to send me your videos if you would like to.  

After our consultations, you will receive as usual, links to resources and training videos.  However, you will also benefit from a recording of our consultation that you can refer to again in future via a private link.  

So now geography and germs needn't get in the way of you and your dog receiving the support you require.

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