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Puppy Training

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Training classes are a fantastic way to teach your dog the life-skills he or she needs to do well. Our classes are designed to help dogs excel in a domestic environment and we teach using the most up-to-date teaching methods. I believe that dog training is about coaching dogs and their family members to communicate with each other effectively. This dialogue can begin from 8 weeks of age, or can be developed with dogs that, perhaps, haven't had the best start in life.

Lessons will incorporate elements to give a holistic approach to training, so not just obedience and politeness in the big wide world although this will be the main priority. We will also look at things that will help to keep the dog flexible and relaxed, develop core strength and stability and confidence and to give you techniques to help with lots of different behavioural aspects. Things such as dog yoga/calming postures, Tellington TTouch, Scentwork, tricks, agility and so on.

Training is held outside which is full of distractions, so you and your puppy learn the skills you will need in the great outdoors which is where you will need them most.

Our classes are a chance to meet other local dog owners and swap stories! Children are always very welcome, as training and understanding your dog is something for the whole family to share. Allow over an hour for these lessons for canine and human socialisation. 

Please bring your dog on a flat collar and preferably a well fitting Y (shape to the front) harness and a normal lead.  No extendable leads please.  Please bring loads of tasty treats too! Thank you. xx

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