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Join this fun, supportive, caring group for everything you will ever need to give you confidence, advice, ideas, tips, tricks, up to date information and fun things to try, make and do throughout the life of your best friend.

You are invited to dive in and contribute (or not) to our community on Facebook and enjoy all the resources I will be regularly sharing with you. You will also benefit from a regular catch up with me to chat about all things your Dog!

Included but not limited to …

  • Access to trustworthy, researched, up to date and ethical, solutions to problems (no more scrawling through the internet);
  • Up to date information on nutrition, calming exercises, information relating to different problem behaviours;
  • Advice on first aid, legal, grooming and nutrition;
  • Opportunities to chat, share videos, successes, worries and wins;
  • Not just access to me, but to my contacts – professional experts and practitioners in fields across the board;
  • Training challenges and competitions for fab prizes;
  • Access to our virtual “From the whiteboard;
  • A Cuppa and Care with Clare;
  • Live quizzes;
  • Live Q&As covering seasonal topics;
  • Live Demos;
  • Access to Training videos to watch again and again;
  • Breed specific get togethers, chats and forums – as well as in person confidence walks with me;
  • Talks from special guests, the top industry professionals and specialists;
  • Preview, early booking opportunities and discounted rates for our specialist workshops, courses, events and webinars;
  • Access to home study courses;

As well as benefiting from new and exciting activities you can share with your dog.

I will, as always, invite you to tell me what you need, what you would like, and what you are interested in.

We are here to support you and your dog every step of the way throughout
their rich and fulfilling lives.

Looking forward to building our canine community together with you.

Clare xx

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