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Lucy and Boris

I’ve been in touch with the Muddy Mutley’s team twice, to talk about my dog’s reactivity and then to tackle his separation anxiety. Both times, they’ve provided me with excellent advice and support. I’m currently following the 7-week separation anxiety training course, and have already seen so much improvement in my dog. I would definitely recommend Muddy Mutleys.

Marc and Scruffy

Clare is an incredible behaviourist. Before we started working together, she sent a very thorough questionnaire for me to capture the issues my dog was having. This made me feel confident I was asking for the right help. I chose the Muddy Mutleys reactivity program and in just a few short months the results have been astounding. My dog is calmer and happier and I feel the same!

The program itself is well constructed and features a generous mix of online resources and in person sessions. Clare is fantastic at reading my dog’s behaviour and suggesting appropriate strategies. It’s so much more beneficial than the ‘teach yourself’ approach I’d muddled through in the past.
I would not hesitate to recommend Clare for anyone seeking help with their dog’s behaviour.