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Training SOS (6 months plus)

Did you have THE most adorable puppy that did everything that you wanted BUT NOW you have a TERRIBLE TEEN. Then this is the class for you.

This class is for your teenagers first introduction to group training. Whether they were perfect pups gone bad or rescues that we want to help, join us in this lesson for fun ways to build your bond.

Teenagers… Our tiny cute little tots, devoted to us, turn into independent beings that just shrug us off as if we never mattered… “yeah What-eva.”

But just like our children we still love our teenage dogs. Even if they are frustrating at times they are often funny, fun and always brilliant company.

Between puppy-hood and adulthood, our dogs go through a stage where they are growing up, but are not grown up. They are losing lots of their puppy traits and puppy teeth. Teething can be painful and irritating. Hormonal changes are taking place which can lead to frustrations and new patterns of behaviour as they start to take more risks in a bid for independence.

They may find it harder to relax and can become more sensitive and emotional and display less ability to control their impulses.

So classes for this age group are built around helping you and your dog maintain that close bond, establishing new rules for jumping, barking, chewing and control around other dogs. Helping you to understand them, and them to understand what is expected of them whilst supporting them, and making the most of their risk adverse and curious brains.

This 8 week course covers…

  • Teaching a solid Down Stay
  • Creating a solid recall
  • Loose lead Training
  • Emergency ‘stops’.
  • Working on a ‘ Take it’ and ‘Drop’
  • Target Training

….. and much much more…