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Puppy in the Park Training (Fully vaccinated to 6 months)

Puppies benefit hugely from socialisation in a well managed and controlled environment. Exposure to different sounds, environments, smells, textures, positive experiences and other human beings is all part of growing up. We work to build their confidence as well as yours and this includes looking at the all important body language that dogs use to communicate.

This 6 week course covers techniques which are vital for your dog’s health and well-being, covering obedience, recall, jumping up and loose lead walking. We cover everything you could wish to know to set you and your puppy up for success in a fun and caring environment.

  • Teach your puppy to love their name.
  • Teach them that it feels good to be calm.
  • Discover what motivates your puppy.
  • Make coming back to you the best ever fun.
  • Not jumping up gets attention.
  • Walking nicely on the lead is rewarding.
  • Learn about your Puppy’s Nose.
  • Teach a drop.

….. and much much more…Please choose a session time below to find out more about the classes and availability

If you enjoy your Puppy Training with us, why not continue into our Terrific Teens class.

At 6 months plus your puppy becomes an adolescent and as all teenagers do, will begin to test you. You may feel that all your hard work in puppy training has gone out of the window. They may become stubborn, bossy and their recall may go backwards, but with continual training and consistency everything will be regularly reinforced, new techniques learnt and your great recall is more likely to remain sharp and your bond with your dog will become stronger than ever.

There is always something new to do and enjoy with our dogs to help them remain enriched and engaged with you through all stages of their life and development. Terrific Teens.

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If you are interested in completing The Kennel Club Good Citizen Award during your training with us please click on the link below for more information: