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Laura, Ricky, Amber and Luna

Thank you Muddy Mutleys!

Honestly we cannot thank Clare enough for all the support she has provided us, we first had an appointment with Clare in November 2022 and she spoke about possibility that Luna could be in pain.  We have had a battle with vets to take us seriously but it seems we are on the right path now and a recent physio consultation has confirmed what Clare suggested in the first place, Luna’s gait is completely wrong and her hind/hip is the problem. Trust your instincts, a more detailed journey below.

We got Luna in November 2021, mainly to help our daughter Amber with anxiety and                                                                                                                                                                                        she brought so much happiness to our family with her energy and affection.  Around Luna’s 1st birthday something changed and she started growling at Amber.  We tried lots strategies but nothing helped, I approached our vets who recommended we see a behaviourist and try her on antidepressants; they helped calm her down a bit but the growling was still there.   It’s been heart-breaking as Amber just wants her best friend back, sometimes she asks us, ”why won’t Luna love me anymore?” Amber feels like Luna is rejecting her.

In November we booked an appointment with Clare, she came to our house to meet us, we gave Clare a background and she witnessed how Luna would growl at Amber even when not near her.  After 10 minutes Clare mentioned Luna’s back paws turned out slightly and seemed sensitive with her hind. The session was great; Clare as gave us so much information and training to help Luna and Amber bond again.

I took Clare’s report to our vets in December, Luna was examined and when they touched her right back leg Luna growled and went to snap at the vet.  I asked if they thought it was pain but I felt like they were saying Luna is aggressive, I felt so disappointed and not listened to.  In January things were so difficult, one day Amber was sitting at the opposite end of the sofa to Luna and Amber moved slightly causing Luna to growl.  I decided to give Luna some pain relief left over from a previous operation.  2 hours later, as if by magic it was like the old Luna had returned; happily sitting on Ambers’ lap and no growling.  I contacted Clare again and we agreed Luna must be in pain.  I booked the Dynamic Dog Assessment with Clare and a few weeks later we met, the assessment looked at Luna’s gait and Clare took multiple videos and we were provided with a full report.

I went back to the vets with this proof, she was examined by a different vet, Luna reacted when they felt her back and right leg/hip.  She prescribed pain relief and agreed to do x-rays.  They didn’t show much just a narrowing of a disc on her back, we were referred to a specialist and had an MRI of her back and spinal tap, nothing was found except less muscle on the right leg.  She was reactive on right stifle but they said she reacted everywhere?! However, we were advised the x-ray did show a slight narrowing on the right hip joint but this was news to us.   We were advised to crate rest Luna for 4 weeks, limit her walks, start physio/hydrotherapy after 2 weeks to rule out soft tissue injury but again they felt the growling was a behaviour problem.

Physio started 2 weeks ago and the findings were; Luna does not walk properly; her gait is completely wrong and the pain is coming from the right hip (unsure if muscle or the joint yet) but they agreed the x-ray shows a slight difference.  The physio thought it was interesting that the growling had only started since we started letting Luna up the stairs when she was 1, we never thought about this.

It’s been a very stressful 6 months for our family, it’s so frustrating when vets do not listen to owners.  Honestly, we could not see a way forward as we couldn’t leave Luna and Amber in the same room and was thinking we’d have to find a new home for Luna.  We are so lucky to have had Clare on our side and just listening to us and supporting us.  We are on the right path, things will take time but at least we know some answers now.