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Many people cannot consider having a dog due to work restraints or are too elderly or unwell to give dogs the exercise that they need on a regular basis. Muddy Mutleys are here to give you the opportunity to enjoy your best friend safe in the knowledge that they are getting the exercise they require in a protected and caring environment.

Our experienced and first aid qualified team offer safe and appropriate dog walking. We care about where we walk, how we walk, how many we walk. We are mindful of others who may not be so keen on dogs. We ensure consideration to other dog walkers. We follow all council guidelines and make certain the dogs on our walks are all comfortable together and that we take them to locations that are suitable for them, adhering to Dog Law Regulations and the Dog Walking Code or Practice.

Dogs will be picked up and given a 1 hour walk between the times offered. Please select the (exact times cannot be given due to dependence on traffic and weather conditions).

Dog Walking Sessions

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