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Dog Walking

Many people cannot consider having a dog due to work restraints or are too elderly or unwell to give dogs the exercise that they need on a regular basis.

Muddy Mutleys are here to give you the opportunity to enjoy your best friend safe in the knowledge that they are getting the exercise they require in a protected and caring environment.

All new recruits are pre-vetted (by Mutley) so you can be sure that your dog is enjoying him or herself with other like minded dogs, giving them the most rewarding exercise and socialisation. Individual sessions are also offered for those that prefer a little bit of peace and quiet.

  • Sessions can be booked for a full hours walk with the price including collection and drop off in an air conditioned van.
  • As a policy we will not walk more than 4 dogs in a group session so that each individual can be given the attention they deserve.  Occassionally we will walk 5, but this will be a carefully selected group and they will be walked in an appropriate location. 
  • If you require solo dog walking this too is available. We also offer training walks to help give you the confidence you need to enjoy walking your four legged friend. 

We understand the impact of commercial dog walking on pet dog owners walking their own dogs.  We are hugely sympathetic and will therefore only walk 4 and a rare maximum of 5 dogs at a time and at the same time aim to reduce the impact we have by walking responsibly and ensuring we maintain best practice including taking appropriately trained groups to appropriate locations.  We are trained in First Aid - both human and canine - are up to date with the law and fully insured with Cliverton.   We follow the Dog Walking Code

We always pre-plan our walks and during very hot and very wet days try to stick to woody walks or walk where we know we can find regular water breaks. Regular feedback will always be given so that you know what your dog has done that day. 

So..what happens next.... once you have contacted us we will arrange to pop round to see you so that you get to meet us and we get to meet you and your dog. That way we can all be sure that your best friend will get the best possible service from us. 


There are 8.5 million dogs in the uk... only 24% of households own a dog.
We know how wonderful they are, however, 76% of households don't necessary appreciate them.
We must be responsible and protect our animals and their reputation. 

Not only do you have responsibilities and duties under the Dangerous Dogs Act as an owner of a dog, someone with whom the dog habitually lives with.
But.... anyone who temporarily has possession of that dog is deemed its keeper and is therefore liable under the Dangerous Dogs Act for that dog whilst that dog is in their care. 
Ensure that they have the necessary insurance cover. 

This insurance should cover:  Injuries to people Damage to Property Injuries to other people
The Dog Trust offer 3rd party cover under their membership for £20 per year. 

New regulations have been introduced in Enfield and the maxmimum number of dogs that can be walked at any one time is now 6.  I believe that 6 is 2 too many for an individual to control sufficiently and no matter how well you know the dogs in your care... you don't necessarily know the dog just around the corner or how any dog will react in a given situation. 

It is up to us to find out the new legislation from the council under the Public Spaces Protection Order. 

Under the Dangerous Dogs Act you can be criminally liable if someone has a reasonable fear of injury. Also injury can be a scratch, being knocked over, being bruised, and not limited to a bite. The DDA does not apply to a dog on dog incident unless a human is injured during an incident.

Note sentencing:  5 years for an injury 14 years for a death 3 years for injury to an Assistance Dog. 

Canine First Aid, February 2019, Rachel Bean RVN, OCN II

Members of Dog Law SOS - Trevor Cooper
Qualified Human First Aider
CRB Checked 
Cliverton Insurance held for Dog Training and for Dog Care Services
Fully licenced with Enfield Council in accordance to DEFRA 2018 guidelines.  Licence number: LN/201401096.  Licencee: Mrs Clare NL Grierson.