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Taking the Strain

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As appropriate to program

Let me take the strain. This package is for me to train your pup or your young dog. It comprises 6 sessions to cover what is important to you for obedience.

Recall, loose-lead, sit/stay, mat training, crate training, socialisation, harness desensitisation, and so on.

Session 1 we will discuss your requirements and look at logistics, equipment required, nutrition, routine, and management to ease the pressure on you straight away.

I will set you up to be able to manage during the program with tips to help you consolidate what I will be doing with your dog during my sessions.

4 sessions will be me working exclusively with your dog.

The 6th session will be where I show you how to maintain and progress from the stage reached. You will be provided with resources, videos and ebooks to guide you and help you.

It is not a behaviour package.

Travel will be within 30 minutes from EN1, if further then extra travel costs will be applied.