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Puppy Home Visit – 60 Minute

Let me help you get off to the best possible start with your new companion. When puppy comes home I can visit and help you set things up. From crate training, to toilet training, advice on nutrition, early training, socialistion and guidance on biting. Let me help you put your mind at rest and guide you through the early days of puppy parenting. Sessions are followed up with handouts and videos to enhance your learning and progress.


Travel is free within 30 minutes or 10 miles of EN1. An additional fee may be required outside of this.

Please book your puppy home visit below

Important information:

Once a session is booked please download this form and return completed to clare@muddymutleys.

Please note that while you are working with Clare please adhere to her guidance. If you are working with or taking advice from other trainers, please disclose this, but be aware that it may result in termination of your agreement with Clare. Clare may direct you to other professionals, specialists and or resources that meet with her ethical standards.

Clare will be happy to work in triage with other professionals such as dog walkers if this is disclosed and arranged up front but again, you will be expected to work under her instruction and not use methods suggested or advised by other parties.

Please ensure your dog has a well fitted harness. Clare will not be able to work with you should you be working with a lead on a collar, or any equipment that may cause harm or discomfort. If you are unsure, then please ask and we will supply you with information to help.

Not sure whether this is the right product for you? Book a discovery call with Clare now for more details on the best way forward for you and your dog and associated prices.

Group training options available