Muddy Mutleys

Dog Training & Behaviour Specialists

Venue – Walled Garden, Bury Lodge Park, N9 9LA

Cost for full package – £300

How it works:

  1. All about your dog – Zoom call with Clare where you go through all the relevant information and take a look at what life is like for you and your dog. Be warned, we want to know everything which leads us down previously unexplored roads.
  2. Data gathering – The required footage and stills of your dog doing various activities are taken with Clare in Bury Lodge Park walled Garden. This allows any physical issues to be assessed.
  3. Evidence Analysis – All the data and information gathered through the consults is carefully analysed so a full picture of what is going on for your dog can be built.
  4. Veterinary report – a comprehensive veterinary report with evidence attached is then written.
  5. Report explanation – Zoom call with Clare where the findings in the report are explained thoroughly to you.
  6. You present the report to your vet. Clare can accompany you if required – Extra – cost dependent on location.
  7. Behaviour management plan provided: this will help you manage your dog’s behaviour whilst additional veterinary support is sought. Longer term help can be discussed if required. Full support will be given throughout the time of the Dynamic Dog Assessment.

When booking, the date that you choose will be for the initial zoom call. Dates for the face to face assessment and the follow up zoom call will be arranged during this call.