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I got in touch with Clare following an incident where my dog, Bowie had bitten my 12 year old boy. We were both feeling wary of the dog and unsure about what had caused him to lash out and scared that it might happen again to the point where we were considering rehoming him.

I was a bit nervous to meet Clare as I wasn’t sure what to expect and my biggest fear was that she would advise me to rehome him and tell me that I was doing everything wrong.

I was so pleasantly surprised! Clare was so down to earth, not at all judgmental and was so easy to talk to! I was able to be really honest about my concerns and the things I was confused about having read so much conflicting advice online.

Clare explained all the behaviours I was concerned about in a way that was so easy for myself and my child to understand and gave us so much sensible advice it was brilliant!

Clare also followed up the session with a detailed report unique to Bowie and lots of information to read and links to a whole range of useful stuff that is all so helpful! She has also said that I can contact her any time and I really feel like I can do that because you can tell she genuinely cares!

The main invaluable thing that we got from Clare was reassurance that Bowie is a good dog and by doing some simple things consistently, we can all be really happy.

I cannot thank Clare enough or recommend her highly enough for what she has done for us today. She is an absolute superstar!

Marc and Scruffy

Clare is an incredible behaviourist. Before we started working together, she sent a very thorough questionnaire for me to capture the issues my dog was having. This made me feel confident I was asking for the right help. I chose the Muddy Mutleys reactivity program and in just a few short months the results have been astounding. My dog is calmer and happier and I feel the same!

The program itself is well constructed and features a generous mix of online resources and in person sessions. Clare is fantastic at reading my dog’s behaviour and suggesting appropriate strategies. It’s so much more beneficial than the ‘teach yourself’ approach I’d muddled through in the past.
I would not hesitate to recommend Clare for anyone seeking help with their dog’s behaviour.
Wendy Read and Ollie

Clare came to our rescue to help us with our cockerpoo who was suffering with separation anxiety. It was difficult to see how we would ever be able to leave him without him getting anxious and distressed. I had tried lots of the usual methods including crate training; leaving a filled kong; dog music; plenty of exercise etc , but none seemed to work. Clare spent time with us establishing the situations which caused him to be stressed, which was mainly being in his crate and hyper attachment to me. Claire worked out a plan of action and once we removed the crate and gradually reduced his dependence me, the progress was remarkable. Clare warned that there are no ‘ quick fixes’ for separation anxiety but after a couple of months of working with her, I am now able to leave him on his own without getting stressed. Thank you Clare..

Laura Davies

Our vets recommended we saw a behaviourist for our 1 year old cockapoo regarding various things. Clare was very helpful, friendly and professional. My daughter is autistic and she had so many great ideas for her and how to bond more with Luna. Clare loves dogs and she is great with humans too! Clare mentioned some things that we hadn’t thought of which we will follow up with our vets. Definitely worth every penny and looking forward to seeing you again for a session.

Neil Page

I contacted Claire about my border collie puppy and was looking for support in trying to stop my dog from chasing cars. I booked a one-to-one session so that i could get the most out of Claire’s time. I wasn’t sure what to expect and whether my investment would be worth it. After completing the session, i could not be more pleased with how much information and practical solutions i got from Claire – she covered so much and made the session so clear and fun that it was money well spent.

I will most likely return to Claire for some follow up work or sign up for the agility classes that she also runs. If you are looking for expert advice, clear and practical solutions to help with your dog, then Claire will be the right person for you.

Ciaran McCartan

I can’t recommend Muddy Mutleys highly enough. Clare and Andy have been an amazing support as we adapt to life with our bouncy and demanding Irish setter puppy. Clare’s expertise with dogs has helped us through many behavioural challenges over the last year, and it’s down to her that he has come on as much as he has. We’ve sent our dog to day care, attended their weekly training classes and also used them for one on one training sessions. Thank you Clare and Andy!

Julia Georgallis

Clare has really helped me with my rescue dog, Ivy, over the last couple of years and I’m so grateful to her! I had a real problems with Ivy’s recall and her showing aggression to other dogs, but with just a couple of sessions, she’s a new doggo! Thanks Clare!