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Reactive to Relaxed – Platinum Program

Not sure whether this is the right product for you? Book your free discovery call with Clare now for more details on the best way forward for you and your dog and associated prices.

This program is specifically designed to give you an understanding of what is going on for your dog and to recognise and manage their reactivity.

Program includes:

  • Home Visit
  • 4 sessions Face to Face at Bury Lodge Park – N9 9LA
  • 1 session Face to Face walking where you live
  • Full access to comprehensive Instructor lead home study program including videos and resources.
  • Three, 30-minute, check ins via zoom recorded so you can refer to them again. 

I have built in support throughout the process to ensure you don’t feel alone or frustrated and it’s ultimately designed to create a healthy, happier, confident dog and a less stressful life for you.

Full and lifetime access to management videos

Trainer in you pocket for the length of the program

Please book the first date that you would like to meet on and then further dates convenient to you will be arranged as we go.