Muddy Mutleys

Dog Training & Behaviour Specialists

Initial Behaviour Assessment – 60 minute – Outdoor

Venue – Bury Lodge Park, enclosed outdoor safe space, N9 9LA

Let’s dig deep and discover the world from your dog’s view point. Looking at the whys and wherefores and coming up with strategies to help you get the best out of your relationship. This session includes research into the behaviour issues that you are describing. It will be followed up with a written report, liaison with your vet, where appropriate, proposed behaviour modification program, access to videos and handouts to enhance your learning and help achieve your goals.

This session will outline training protocols that will help you moving forward. You may wish to book further sessions to help you implement the training or for me to implement further training. Please just ask for advice and support. 

£150 per session

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Important: Once a session is booked please download this FORM and return completed to clare@muddymutleys.

Further sessions, if required, can be booked directly with Clare.

Not sure whether this is the right product for you? Book a discovery call with Clare now for more details on the best way forward for you and your dog and associated prices.

Training and behaviour sessions cannot be interchanged