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Make sure you are AWARE OF THE DOG LAW   Please click here

Are you aware of every day plants, foods and substances that are poisonous to your dog: No? Click Here. 

Puppy Sound Proofing App:  Socialisation is not just about puppies mixing with other dogs, it is about positive associations with lots of different sounds, textures and smells too. 

This is a great app for helping you to understand your dog's body language, what is your dog trying to tell you:  Click Here

Did you know that puppies have big gaps between their bones and it is important that we 
allow these to grow and fuse which they do during adolescents through to adulthood.  Larger breeds develop slower than smller breeds
It is important that we don't over exercise our dogs and that puppies are not encourage to navigate the stairs or to jump higher than hock/ankle height. 
See here for a photo of a growth plate and some further info. 

All you need to know about the type and amount of exercise your puppy should be having:  Click Here. 

Are you introducing your puppy to an existing older dog? Click Here

Life Skills for puppies. 

The puppy nipping guide

The puppy socialisation check list

Teach your dog to enjoy praise. 

The proper use of food during dog training.

On lead issues? Why and what can you do? 

Can you read your dog's stress levels? 

The ladder of aggression. 

Why I love Honeys Dog food, advice on health, nutrition and raw feeding. 

Is your dogs rough play appropriate??? 

Is your CAT happy using his/her litter tray???..... click here

Is your dog pushy??   Click here

For tips for road travel with your dog please click here 

Choosing a dog..... Click here

Do you know of a child that is scared of dogs.... read on ....

When is a well exercised dog....a chilled out dog... The truth about exercise

The Effects of Training on Your Dog's Brain..... It’s great to have a dog that is well behaved, but training your pup has more benefits than simply keeping them off the furniture. It turns out, training your dog actually improves their brain. Check out the infographic here to learn all .....

Why Dog Trainers will need to Change Their Ways. Interesting article in the Guardian. Worth a read. Click Here

We follow the Dog Walking Code. 

11 Ways to Hands Off Assess a Dog for Muscular Pain

Never Leave your Child with a Dog.  Click here for the poster.
Always Ask Permission before approaching or touching a dog.  Click here for the poster. 

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