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Agility Testimonials

Tia, Janet and Mac

We’ve been doing agility for about 3 months now with Tia and we really enjoy it. Andy takes time to explain the course each week and the best way to direct the dogs round it. He is so encouraging and gives little pointers and helpful hints to you after each run. It’s great to watch other people in the group running the course and to see how far we have all come. Tia is not the fastest round the course but that doesn’t matter one bit! I would thoroughly recommend doing agility with Muddy Mutleys!

Molly and Sue

Molly and I had superb puppy training at Muddy Mutleys and we now attend their dog agility session on Saturdays which is great fun and a good fitness workout for both of us. They provide great advice and are super friendly. Definitely recommend.