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1 2 1 Training

This can be can be more suitable for some families and their dogs and can be used to concentrate on shaping or re-shaping a particular aspect of behaviour. This is particularly useful if the dog has patterns of behaviour which need to be modified, for example working specifically on recall or walking on a loose lead.

  • Walking nicely on a Lead
  • Coming back when called
  • Stopping Jumping up
  • Stopping barking
  • Toilet Training
  • Stopping Play biting
  • Crate Training

Step 1: Book appointment by Telephone
Step 2: Receive a confirmation email with a form to complete and return. 
Step 3: I visit your home or we meet at our training ground to start training

We use "up-to-date science based dog training techniques that are proven to be effective and have the dog's welfare at heart."

If you feel your dog's issue is more of a behavioural nature please see Behavioural Consultations.

No matter what the issue, we can help you and your dog get back on the right track.

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